City Girls Feel Slighted Over Top 50 List

JT of City Girls felt disrespected when she & Young Miami weren't included on the latest top 50 list celebrating women in Hip Hop.

The list, dubbed the “Top 50 Greatest Female Rappers of All Time,” featured Nicki Minaj in the top spot, followed by Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill. Also Included were Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Young MA, Iggy Azalea and Lizzo.

“Where the city girls?” JT wrote on Twitter. “I guess we sing! Could’ve least put us #50.”

JT is often quick to push back at disrespect online, but does she have an arguement for being snubbed. Looking at the list, one would ask where are names like Moni Love, Sha-Rock, or Queen Pen. Also, the question of UK Rappers isn't adressed here either, so no Shystie or NoLay.

The success of the City Girls can't be denied as recently they dropped the single and video “Top Notch” [feat. Fivio Foreign], is out now and marks the duo’s first release since “Twerkulator.”

City Girls, and Fivio take over New York city, turning up on street corners with a whole crew and descending on the Big Appl. "Top Notch" is the follow-up to 2020’s City On Lock LP.

Fivio's official debut album, The B.I.B.L.E is due out April 8th, and is executive produced by Kanye West and will likely include "City Of Gods" ft. Alicia Keys and Ye.

The City Girls dropped ‘Twerkulator‘!

After catching momentum on TikTok, there was demand from fans for the song to be released. It finally came out and JT went live on Stationhead to interact with fans. JT revealed that the duo is not focused on an album right now, rather they want to continue dropping singles.

Last year P*ssy Talk got a remix and the girls tapped Lil Wayne, Quavo, & Jack Harlow!

The original version featured Doja Cat, but City Girls brought in the boys this time to switch things up. The pair are increasing in popularity with every release. "P*ssy Talk" was featured on "City on Lock" that was shared earlier this year, and for the remix, the girls took a backseat and allowed the fellas to takeover their viral hit.

Lil Wayne, Quavo, and Jack Harlow all make appearances on "P*ssy Talk (Remix)" with Yung Miami on the chorus. The guys are just as explicit as the women on the "P*ssy Talk (Remix)"

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