Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival 2017

On August 18-19 the Fifth Annual Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival, takes place in Downtown Jackson inside the Jackson Convention Complex.  This Boomin’ festival presents a great mix of Rhythm and Blues artists to celebrate Jackson’s rich contribution to the fabric of music. Festivalgoers will experience 30 performances on 5 stages satisfying your senses with a Boomin’ lineup, quality sound, delectable food and an engaging ambiance!

Come a day early to experience Jackson. Eat at an award-winning restaurant, enjoy the many attractions and museums, find the Blues Trail Markers throughout the city (we have the most in any city on the Blues Trail) and cap the night off in the heart of what was once known as the hub of entertainment, the Farish Street Entertainment District. Reserve a room downtown at a luxurious full-service property or maybe a quaint awe-inspiring Inn and make Jackson your own. So come snap your fingers and pat your feet and swing to the rhythm of the beat at the 5thAnnual Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival on August 18th and 19th downtown at the Jackson Convention Complex! Downtown Jackson…It’s Boomin’!