First Trailer For Vanessa Hudgens' 'The Knight Before Christmas' Is Here

Vanessa Hudgens is back for another charming Christmas rom-com at Netflix. No, it's not the highly anticipated sequel to The Princess Switch, though that is in the works at Netflix right now. This feel-good holiday film is called The Knight Before Christmas, which follows Hudgens as she falls in love with (you guessed it!) a time-traveling medieval knight.

Netflix finally dropped the first trailer for The Knight Before Christmas on Thursday (November 7) and it looks delightful. Hudgens plays a high school science teacher named Brooke disillusioned by love. Brooke's life gets turned upside down when she meets English knight Sir Cole, played by Josh Whitehouse, after he's transported from the 14th century to the present day by a sorceress.

In the trailer, Brooke accidentally hits Sir Cole with her car on a snowy night after he's transported to her time. Believing he's a helpless amnesiac, Brooke decides to take Cole in and help him remember who really is. Instead, it looks like Brooke is the one who goes a journey of self discovery.

The Knight Before Christmas beings streaming on Netflix on November 21. Will you be tuning in?

Photo: Netflix