CeeLo Green Shocks Crowd After He Falls Off A Horse At Shawty Lo's Party

CeeLo Green

Photo: Getty Images

CeeLo Green attempted to make an unforgettable entrance in honor of the late Shawty Lo. He succeeded, but not the way he wanted to.

On Wednesday night, March 22, the Goodie Mob artist arrived to The Bank ATL for Shawty Lo's annual birthday shindig while riding a black horse. In videos that went viral overnight, you can see the seasoned artist entering the venue while riding the horse. The horse appeared to be nervous about all the loud noise and lights because the horse slipped on the floor, which made CeeLo fall off the animal.

CeeLo did take a major tumble but he recovered quickly. He didn't seem to have any visible injuries and was able to get up without much help. The horse also appeared to be ok. So far, CeeLo hasn't made any statements regarding his condition. He only shared a clip of his entrance (before he fell of the horse) on to his Instagram Stories.

The party was in celebration of Shawty Lo's life and legacy. The Atlanta artist passed away in a car crash back in 2016. He would've turned 47 this year. In an effort to honor the "They Know" rapper, his family and friends get together every year for a massive event that draws out numerous celebrities. Shawty Lo's son Shawty Lo, Jr., T.I. plus D4L's Fabo and Mook B were also in the building. The latter artists hit the stage to perform some of their classics.

See more scenes from the party below. Rest in peace, Shawty Lo.

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