Nelly Teases Return Of His Iconic Clothing Brand: 'Don't Call It Comeback'


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Nelly is bringing back a classic clothing brand that the ladies will love.

Over the weekend, the seasoned rapper announced the return of Apple Bottoms — the classic jeans brand he founded in 2003. In an Instagram post, he shared a glimpse of the updated designs his team has in store for the brand's revival. The AI-generated models show off a special selection of jeans, jackets and tops. His caption suggests that the brand will be back in 2024, but he doesn't provide a specific date. Nelly also included a link to the brand's new website.

"2024 DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK..!!" he wrote.

Nelly and his partners Yomi Martin, Nick Loftis and Ian Kelly launched Apple Bottoms over two decades ago. The brand began making form-fitting denim pants for ladies with curves that wouldn't fit into the average pair of jeans. The company later branched out into other women and girls' clothing, accessories and perfume. Apple Bottoms became a hit in the early 2000s, especially after rappers like Twista, Eminem and others mentioned the brand in their songs. It's impossible to forget the brand when T-Pain sings "Shorty had them Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the furs" in the chorus of Flo Rida's hit song "Low."

Apple Bottoms' final collection dropped in 2010, however, the website remained active for several years after that. Nelly first teased the revival of the brand back in 2020 in a similar fashion. Instead of new designs, he posted the brand's logo.

Nelly's plan to revive Apple Bottoms comes months after he and his girlfriend Ashanti are reportedly preparing to welcome their first child together. Back in December, fans were convinced that she signaled her pregnancy alongside Nelly while they were at an event. A source close to the couple confirmed the couple is expecting, however, neither Ashanti nor Nelly have personally confirmed the news yet.

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