Donald Glover Previews New Collaboration With Ye & Announces World Tour

Donald Glover & Kanye West

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Donald Glover has announced his intention for a world tour and shared a preview of his collaboration with Ye.

On Sunday night, April 21, the artist and actor debuted the second episode of GILGA Radio. During the livestreamed session, Glover, who raps under the moniker Childish Gambino, premiered his new collaboration with the artist formerly known as Kanye West. 'Bino and Ye trade bars over the upbeat, percussion-based instrumental before the song switches up into a Ye-type beat.

"You ain’t even touched a GQ best dressed/Sty got 'em cheatin' on a taste test," Glover raps. "They like rap more, I’m like 'Say less.'"

"Ain't you always cookin' like, flambé, nothin' left to say," Ye spits. "I'm more like John Lennon, he more like Don Lemon/That mean I'm Uncle Tom, but more like times seven."

Elsewhere in the livestream, Glover also announced his plans for an upcoming tour. Childish Gambino's New World Tour was announced during a quick spot on GILGA Radio. No exact dates or locations have been revealed yet, but the arena tour is expected to kick off this summer. Soon after the announcement was made, a link to the tour's website appeared in his Instagram bio.

"Childish Gambino New World Tour. This summer... coming to an arena near you. Are you ready?" the announcement said.

This would be 'Bino's sixth tour following his "This Is America Tour" which happened in 2018. Glover's new song with Ye and the announcement for his upcoming tour comes shortly after he revealed his plans to release his final two albums. During the first episode of GILGA Radio, the multifaceted artist revealed his intention to mix and master his infamous 3.15.20 album and rerelease it as a fresh project called Atavista.

The "Redbone" rapper also announced that his final album will be the soundtrack for a new film he's working on called Bando Stone in the New World. He didn't confirm a release date for the film or the album. However, since his tour is set to begin this summer, it's safe to say one or both of those projects will be out by the end of the year.

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