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On The Verge: 4Batz Says His New Song Combats 'Toxicity' In Today's Music


Photo: Cameron Moore

4Batz aims to set a new standard with his new music.

Over the past few months, the Texas native has been garnering massive attention all around the country with just two songs. Last summer, 4Batz, a resident of Dallas who was born Neko Bennett, sent a shockwave throughout the industry when he dropped his debut single "act i: stickerz 99." The track begins with high-pitch vocals that may remind some fans of The-Dream. He flows over the soothing instrumentals before he switches up and slows down into a deeper sound that gives PARTYNEXTDOOR vibes. He takes a similar direction on his second track "act ii: date @ 8".

"Honestly, it came about with me just hearing all the toxicity in today's music," 4Batz tells iHeartRadio about his recent record. "Really trying to show the females that men can be vulnerable too and they also can take care of you."

"act ii: date @ 8" arrived back in December and was supported by his second appearance on "From The Block," a platform that embraced his unique style and demeanor. 4Batz embodies the look of a rising trap star. Yet, as soon as he steps up to the mic and lets his gold grills shine, his vocals sooth the souls of fans just like some of today's revered R&B singers.

The fans aren't the only ones who's been swayed by 4Batz's incredible vocals. There have been a handful of icons in Hip-Hop and R&B who've expressed their support for him. A few weeks ago, Timbaland reacted to his music and suggested Drake should collaborate with him. According to Complex, Drake actually saw the clip of Timbo's feedback on Instagram and liked it. There are also R&B stars who've personally praised his work. SZA told the young artist his latest single was "too hard" in an Instagram comment.

4Batz recently got the ultimate co-sign that proves he's heading in the right direction. Last month, the young artist posted a video of him speaking to Kanye West on FaceTime and even included a screenshot of their call. He's also received love from Ty Dolla $ign, who also left supportive comments on his IG posts. Clearly, there's a certain aspect and sound to his music that people of all ages can vibe to.

"I say I'm a regular individual," 4Batz says. "I just have a different aspect on the way I see the world and the way I see life. The more you hear my music, the more you're going to be able to feel where I'm coming from."

4Batz's latest viral track "act ii: date @ 8" has already received nearly 3 million views since it debuted in December. Listen to it below before "act iii" arrives this week.

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