DaBaby Settles $100 Dollar Lawsuit

DaBaby and the concert promoting company that sued him, settled the $100,000 lawsuit it filed out of court.

Nothing to Something ENTertainment filed a lawsuit for alleged damages accrued after they claimed to have spent $30,000 promoting a concert that never happened. DaBaby left the show after a brawl transpired between Don Trag and security outside the Centro Night Club in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

DaBaby countersued, accusing Nothing to Something ENTertainment security of lacking. They fired back, claiming DaBaby’s security team were “provided with the opportunity to avoid the altercation and beat Mr. Saladin [Don Trag] until be begged them to stop.”

Don Trag, filed his own lawsuit, accusing DaBaby of failing to keep his dogs on a leash. He specifed injuries to his “eyes, head, neck, and spine” accompanied with “major brain and neck swelling,” as well as escaping a coma over the summer.

Photos by Getty Images