Pooh Shiesty Still Behind Bars

Pooh Shiesty Changed his plea deal, as Feds threaten to expose his criminal past.

Pooh Shiesty changed his plea from not guilty to guilty regarding the 2020 shooting case. Shiesty allegedly shot a man in the buttocks at a hotel last year, and is expected to take a plea deal.

"We're entered into plea negotiations because there have been developments in the case that I think changed the dynamics of the case." defense lawyer, Bradford Cohen said.

Shiesty's trial was set to begin on Monday, however, with the plea change, the jury has been removed from the court's calendar. Federal prosecutors are attempting to present Pooh Shiesty’s entire criminal history during his robbery trial, but Shiesty's team is fighting back, asking that the presiding judge block the prosecutors. Prosecutors say that Shiesty's past crimes present “opportunity, intent, knowledge, or absence of mistake." But Cohen argued:

“These actions have no direct nexus to Lontrell Williams other than in speculation. The last incident occurs while Lontrell Williams is in custody.”

Pooh Shiesty faces a maximum life sentence if convicted.

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