Miami Dade Announces When And How Students Will Return To School

While Broward announced that students and teachers would continue with Distance Learning during the pandemic- the 4th largest school district in the US- (Miami Dade County) Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced that;

"The school district will decide by Sept. 30 whether conditions allow for the school district to reopen Oct. 5.

If it’s safe, the district would reopen schools with social distancing and mandatory masks for those who wish to send their children to school. Carvalho said the district could handle accommodating students in the schoolhouse and those students who wish to continue learning online.

Come Aug. 31, all students, regardless of what their parents declared on a recent survey, will begin the school year using a more formalized and uniform platform, called My School Online. The online experience will mirror in-person learning. Attendance will be taken in each class and teachers will be able to video chat with students." -